Monday, November 26, 2012

CVS: FREE $5 Giftcard for each $25 Giftcard purchase! (More explained details inside)

Some of you may remember this promo from last year. I will explain it briefly here.. this is a MONEYMAKER DEAL!!! (HOW?!) Ok... here let me explain..

If you need to shop at Target... or,.. Lowe's,.. or eat out at a restaurant.. or do you need gas? DO NOT spend cash at those stores!!! FIRST... go to CVS and buy a GIFTCARD for $25 (Target, or Lowe's or any restaurant, or gas cards) THEN you will get a $5.00 BONUS CVS gift card!

So,.. you will shop at the store you needed to get stuff from anyway, and then use that $5 moneymaker giftcard for CVS for anything you need- toilet paper?? ETC!!

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