ASL VLOGS: Couponing 101

Here are some of our ASL VLOGS. There will be more to come!

"Albertsons Coupon Policy" By: Andrea

"Understanding Coupons per Transactions"

"WHEN to Use Coupons"

"Why Should I Coupon?"

"Awesome Deals"

"Stacking Coupons"

"Copying Coupons are Illegal"

"Expiration Dates on Food"

"What are ECB's and CATALINAS?"

"Buy One Get One Free Tip"

"Printing Coupons Tip"
"Make Your Own Coupon Binder"

"How to cut and sort coupon inserts"

"What to do with Coupons you don't need?"

"Store Coupon Policies"

What is a Stockpile?

"The Couponing Process" By Keri

"Where I get my coupons" By: Keri

Keri's Coupon Binder

"The Key to Couponing" By: Keri