Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Online Deal: FREE/CHEAP Clothes?!?!?! (YES, PLEASE!)

You should have the "WRAPP" app on your phones. If not, you can find it easily in the app marketplace! :)
Last year MANY of you grabbed FREE clothes from PLNDR! Well,... you can do it AGAIN! After each first purchase, PLNDR will give you back $10 credit in your account! AWESOME!
DEAL IDEA: (Online Deal)
#1: CLICK HERE and create a PLNDR account.
#2: Go to your WRAPP APP..
#3: Choose a friend to send a "gift" to-- I would suggest your another FB account or your husband so you can 'send' another one right back to yourself to use.. and then you will have TWO $10 gift card codes for PLNDR and be able to get TWO free items (with separate accounts)
#4: Shop on PLNDR for anything $8.99 and under (will be less than $1 shipped depending on what you buy).

#5: Enter FREE Shipping code: PLSHIPS in the promo code box
#6: Enter your Wrapp code in the Gift Certificate box

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