Monday, November 26, 2012

Online Deal: FREE 'Honest Company' Lip Balm Trio + FREE shipping?!

UPDATE: All the FREE $10 Honest Company Cards are SOLD OUT!! -- BUMMER! :( :(

DEAL IDEA: (Online Deal)
  1. CLICK HERE and connect it to your facebook account.
  2. Click on “GIVE” and then scroll down until you see the $10 Honest Company Gift Card.
  3. Select a person (you can choose your husband, boyfriend, or whatever and then go and set up another one under his name and get **TWO** $10 GiftCard Codes!)
  4. Send the gift card and then go and get it.
  5. CLICK HERE and go to Honest Company and choose whatever you want for $10.00 or less and add to your cart. You will also have the Lip Balms added and you will get FREE Shipping.
  6. Check out and enter your Gift Card code in coupon code box and apply it. Your total will be $0 + FREE Shipping :) YAY!

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