Wednesday, January 9, 2013

**HOT** Hidden Target Clearance ALERT!! (90% OFF!)

MANY of those items may already have been gone from your store, but since it is "HIDDEN FINDS" you may still be able to find treasures at your store! It is worth a shot! One important tip I have for you: SCAN, SCAN, and SCAN!!!!
Xhilaration Sleep Shorts Was $9.99, NOW ONLY $.99!-- There are MANY sleepwear that are 90% off--
Xhilaration Thermal PJ sets Was $24.99, NOW ONLY $2.49!
Xhilaration Long Sleep Shirts Was $17.99, NOW ONLY $1.79!
Xhilaration Flannel Button Down PJ sets Was $24.99, NOW ONLY $2.49
Men's Angry Birds Boxers: $.49
Men's Flannel Pants, etc..
Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 7.35.18 PM
Scotch precision scissors was $5.00 now only $.50!-- (Look for the scissors withOUT the 100,000 cuts on the front.)

Spinbrush my way (pink) WAS: $4.99 NOW: $.49! (LOOK for the ones with the stickers on the UPC labels)
Star Wars Gum Battery powered kids toothbrush only $0.49 (Reg. $4.99!)

Nerf Guns only $.49 each
Fisher Price Cupcake Rattle only $.48
Pure Gear phone and iPad cases 90% off (I found several in the electronics clearance)
Snickerdoodles Cookies Pouch- $.19cents!
Bathery Mini Bath Sponge $ .09 (check for these where the regular bath sponges are, I found some mixed in)
Also some others worth looking for:
Coloud Headphones: REG. $34.99-$14.99 NOW: $1.49-$3.49 (HOT FIND!-- find the rectangle or square boxes NOT the triangle ones)
Hello Kitty and Paul Frank NUK items in the baby aisle are 90% off!
Rachael Ray Baking Sets are 90% off!

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